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Post by Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2015 9:51 pm

Roadkill Cafe Combat Server:
-No Jets
-No Baserape
-No Vehicles Stealing
-No Insults (in ANY Language)

Roadkill Cafe Taxi Drivers (Flagrun):
-No Jets/Planes Allowed or... (Only under Admin Instructions)
-Don't Shoot ANY Player (in your team or other)
-Don't Enter in Flag Area If Other Team Still Capping
-Don't Camp In Flag Area (or on driver/pilot seat in vehicles)
-Use Vehicles (prevent Roadkill's) Drivers and Runners PAY ATTENTION on Roadkill's
-Causing/forcing Roadkill's will Ban you for life !
-Lasers-C4-Claymores or other dangerous gadgets are NOT Allowed
-Respect the players they want play Peacefully ! "DICE" TOO !
-The Language for Main Chat is ENGLISH ! If you want talk your language swap (or ask admins ) with your friends in same team and squad !

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